Pyxis™ Perioperative Solutions

Perioperative Solutions

From supply chain performance to regulatory compliance, Pyxis™ Perioperative Solutions help your healthcare facility take a comprehensive approach to managing the Operating Theatre.

And not just any Operating Theatre - your Operating Theatre. Based on a deep understanding of the perioperative environment, our Pyxis™ Perioperative Solutions offer a broad and flexible platform of technologies and services that are tailored to your needs, starting with an analysis of your current clinical, operational and financial situation. The end result is a series of measurable improvements that help improve clinician satisfaction, reduce costssave time and improve regulatory compliance.

For instance, Pyxis™ technologies with Operating Theatre information system (ORIS) integration help clinicians chart, charge and reorder with the touch of a button-automatically charting supply usage information directly into the patient record. Moreover, our analytics tools turn data into actionable information -helping you to monitor key performance indicators and pinpoint ways to further reduce costs and streamline workflow.


Optimize Operating Theatre performance by: 

  • Integrating supply management with your ORIS to improve workflow and revenue cycle management.
  • Managing and standardizing pick list, preference items and trunk stock.
  • Improving case costing and charge capture where applicable.
  • Simplifying compliance for managing medications, tissues and implants.
  • Gaining insight using our analytics tools and service offerings.



Pyxis™ JITrBUD System

The Pyxis™ JITrBUD device from BD attaches directly to existing storage systems and interfaces with MMIS systems to electronically document dispensed supplies.


Pyxis™ CathRack

The Pyxis™ CathRack system from BD manages supplies used in cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology labs, such as pacemakers, ICDs, stents, vascular grafts, catheters and guide wires.

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